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Residential Maintenance Customers Receive Free Service Call during Normal Business Hours....With over 20 years experience and a 100% satisfaction guarantee our customers can count on us for all their heating and air conditioning repairs

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Serving Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Allen, McKinney, Frisco and the Surrounding Areas

When your heating and air conditioning systems break down, the repairs can be costly. That's why investing a little bit of money up front to keep them properly maintained is a wise move. Our affordable maintenance plan is outlined below. (Please note than when a technician is performing the maintenance, if he or she finds a problem, no repairs will be completed without your prior authorization. Authorized recommendations made at the time of inspection will be completed at an additional 10% discount.)

Platinum Maintenance Plan for North Texas Homeowners

Service technician will provide a complete inspection of your air conditioning and heating system for proper operation to insure it is working at optimum efficiency. No repairs will be completed without the customers authorization. Authorized recommendations made at the tie of inspection will be completed at an additional 10% discount.


Residential Pricing Platinum Maintenance Plan
1 Year $200.00 for 2 visits-1st system 2 visits (Spring and Fall)
1 Year $125.00 for 2 visits - each additional 20% off Standard Pricing for All Repairs
Priority scheduling for your service call
Spring Maintenance Fall Maintenance
1. Basic Condenser Coil Wash (Does Not Include Acid Wash) 1. Check Safety Controls
2. Controls and Safeties will be Tested 2. CO2 Test
3. Check Evaporator Coil 3. Check Thermostat
4. Check Thermostat 4. Furnace Clean (Vacuum burner section)
5. Check Refrigerant Charge 5. Check Electrical Controls
6. Check Relays and Contactors 6. Change or Clean Customer's Filters
7. Change or Clean Customer's Filters 7. Check Heat Exchanger
8. *Blow-out condensate drain (No Warranties on Drain Cleaning) 8. Check for Gas Leaks
9. Emergency Condensate Pan Inspection 9. Check Gas Pressure
10. Check Start and Run Capacitors 10. Tighten Electrical Connections
11. Tighten Electrical Connections
12. Furnish Inspection Report of any Recommendations

**Total Yearly Costs Without Contract
A/C Tune Up $69.95
Heat Tune Up $69.95
Basic Condenser Wash $175.00
Condensate Drain Cleaning $150.00
Basic Furnace Clean $275.00
Grand Total $739.90
PMP Customer Costs $200.00
Total Savings to Customer $539.90