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AC & Heating Repair, Maintenance, & Installations

Keep Your Air Conditioning System Running at Optimum Efficiency

North Texas residents know that our weather changes rapidly, moving from one extreme to the other; sometimes in the same day! No matter how unpredictable the Texas climate may be, ACS has a solution for your family; providing Comfort You Can Count On, for every season of the year

Heating Repair, Maintenance, & Furnace Installations

Complete Heating Equipment Services & Cleanings Available!

A Small List of Some of the Heating Services We Can Provide Our Customers.

1.     Inspect, clean, & adjust the flame sensor.

2.     Clean & adjust all burners.

3.     Inspect all safeties & controls.

4.     Inspect & adjust the fan switch.

5.     Inspect the flue pipe.

6.     Inspect the gas line for leaks from the unit’s shut-off to the furnace.

7.     Inspect the heat exchanger.

8.     Inspect & clean all motors.

9.     Lubricate motors & bearings.

10.  Secure all panels.

11.  Clean & adjust the pilot light.

12.  Check and adjust gas pressure if needed.

13.  Check & calibrate the thermostat.

14.  Inspect & tighten all loose wire connections.

15.  Measure equipments temperature differential.

16. Vacuum inside of the furnace

17.  Check voltage & amperage draw.

18. We Service All Makes & Of Heating Equipment

A/C Repair, Maintenance, & Installations

Complete Air Conditioning Equipment Services & Cleanings Available!

A Small List of Some of the Air Conditioning Equipment Services We Can Provide Our Customers.

1.     Inspect & adjust all belts & pulleys.

2.     Check supply & return air temperatures.

3.     Inspect all controls & safeties.

4.     Inspect the electrical disconnect.

5.     Inspect & clean all motors.

6.     Lubricate motors & bearings.

7.     Inspect all relays & contactors.

8.     Test Refrigerant pressures & temperatures.

9.     Check the thermostat.

10.  Inspect & tighten all loose wire connections.

11.  Check refrigerant charge.

12.  Check refrigerant systems superheat & sub cooling.

13.  Check systems voltage & amperage draw.

14.  Check contactors for voltage drop.

15.  Check capacitors for proper charge.

16. Inspect both Condenser and Evaporator coils.

17.  Clean or Replace Customer Provided Filters

18. We Service All Makes & Models of Air Conditioning Equipment.

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